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Uncontested Divorces

How Much Will it Cost?

I am Clarke Kent Wittstruck, an Asheville divorce attorney handling uncontested divorces by mail in every county in North Carolina. Since 1985 I believe I have handled more uncontested divorces than any other attorney in Buncombe County.

In 2013 I processed 392 uncontested divorces for individuals all over North Carolina.

I am good and fast at this and make a difficult procedure feel simple and easy. You sign and I get it done.

I can process your divorce by mail and file it in BUNCOMBE county no matter what North Carolina county you or your spouse reside in provided:

  1. You have been living separate from your spouse for over one (1) year.
  2. You are satisfied with the division of your marital properties.
  3. Neither you nor your spouse is seeking alimony.
  4. You have the ability to send and receive email.
  5. You have a good address for your spouse who will accept service.
  6. You do not own LAND jointly with your spouse.
  7. You have not signed a SEPARATION AGREEMENT calling for future promises.

The process from start to finish takes about 60 days.

If you own land jointly or have signed a separation agreement with future promises you should file your divorce in the county WHERE YOU LIVE.

If you do not have a good address for your spouse there are extra charges.

My divorce calculator will tell you exactly what your divorce will cost before you start. My price includes court costs and the cost of service by certified mail.


If you are seeking alimony, have not divided your assets, or have custody disagreements please see my family law page.

If you have not divided your marital property a separation agreement is a good idea. Send me the terms/outline of your agreement and I will prepare a separation agreement for a reasonable price. But this must be done prior to filing your divorce.

How does the divorce process work through my office?

We Do It All

  1. I prepare your legal documents.
  2. I email the documents to you.
  3. You print, sign and return the documents to me.
  4. I file your divorce in Buncombe County and handle everything from that point.

You do not have to go to court.


$100 - Uncontested Divorce
Divorce Cost Estimator

This is my base legal fee. Additional fees apply to publication divorces, divorces requiring the incorporation of a separation agreement, and expedited divorces.

How Much Will it Cost?